Fashion and Food With Ford

Hands on experience with food and fabric.
Izzy Brown (11) works on a traditional sewing machine in the lab.
Izzy Brown (11) works on a traditional sewing machine in the lab.
Photography, Gracie Skaggs

Here at HHS, we offer many courses to help you with your future. Some very helpful and unique classes are Orientation to Family & Consumer Sciences, Creative Foods, Foods for You, Clothing & Fashion, and Fashion Merchandising I & II. All of these courses are taught by Ms. Ford. She has been teaching these classes for a couple of years now. With her teaching experience and your young mind, great things for the future may be taught and applied. 

Orientation to Family and Consumer Sciences A is a class where you get to learn about basic human relationships and important future decision marking, and you learn about foods and the nutritional benefits of the foods. If you decide to take Orientation to Family and Consumer Sciences A you then take Orientation to Family and Consumer Sciences B, the second part of the class. In part B, you learn to use a traditional sewing machine, you do small craft sewing projects and child development materials will also be covered. 

Creative Foods/Foods & Nutrition I, you will learn how to prepare yummy and nutritious foods. Most students will create cookies and pancakes that are better for your body’s system. 

Foods for You/Foods & Nutrition II, you get to come up with nutritional ideas for independent living and families. Most of the food you will make will center on dinner meals. You get to focus on the steps it takes to make these foods and everything you make you can eat after! Most students, like Rylee Wilson (10), say that they wished they would spend more of their time in the food lab. Others, like Izzy Brown (11), say that she enjoys her time away from the lab too, that they get to watch things about Gordan Ramsay and movies like Ratatouille. 

Clothing & Fashion/Clothing & Textiles is a class that deals with garments & their construction and fashion information. You will learn how to take care of your clothes and make smart clothing purchases, while also stitching seams and gathering fabric. 

Fashion Merchandising I & II also goes into detail about clothes. You get hands-on experience with a sewing machine and learn all about styles and trends going on. 

Like it was stated before, all of these classes are run by Ms. Ford. If you have any additional questions, she or Mrs. Shelton have plenty to say!

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