Learning How to Work In This Technological World

Herrin High School’s technological classes prepare students for life in a technologically advanced world.
A high school student uses his hour to learn programming.
A high school student uses his hour to learn programming.
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Herrin High School offers a wide variety of different classes to prepare students to go out into the workforce.  These classes also include a selection of classes focused specifically on using computers in the workplace and more.

Everything from Computer Literacy to Advanced Programming is offered at Herrin High School and they all have their benefits.

One of the first classes that you can take freshman year is also required to graduate.  All incoming freshmen will be taking Computer Literacy which is taught by Mrs. Webb.  This class will teach students how to use different application software in business and how to be a good online citizen.

Once students have taken Computer Literacy they are then able to take Computer Concepts which is also taught by Mrs. Webb.  This course teaches students a general background in the use of computers and data processing.  This course will introduce students to the concepts and skills that are necessary to complete the Microsoft Office User Specialist certification.

Mrs. Webb stated that she thinks that it is very important to be able to learn how to use Microsoft Office while in Computer Concepts because it is a very useful skill to have.

After students have taken Computer Concepts they have the option to take Graphic Design taught by Mrs. Webb.  This course will teach students the basic skills of graphic design using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Flash which can all be used for planning and developing real-life projects.

Mrs. Webb says that Graphic Design is perfect for anyone who is looking to be able to use Photoshop or be able to make different edits or advertisements with a computer.

After Graphic Design I students can move straight onto Graphic Design II also taught by Mrs. Webb.  This class will focus more on the use of filters, color channels, actions, vector graphics, and 3D tools, as well as Web tools, 3D modeling, and animation in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

Mrs. Webb stated that Graphic Design II will expand even more on the skills in Graphic Design I and will additionally teach students how to be able to make GIFs and animations.

Another class that students can choose to take after Computer Literacy and Concepts would be Web Page Design and Interactive Media taught by Mrs. Webb.  This course will teach students how to create and maintain online web pages and sites.

Mrs. Webb stated that it is important for anyone looking to start a business to know how to be able to create and maintain an online website for their business and that Web Page Design and Interactive Media are perfect for that.

After Web Page Design and Interactive Media, students can move up to Web Page Design and Interactive Media II which is also taught by Mrs. Webb.  This course will be a continuation of the skills students will have already started learning in Web Page Design and Interactive Media.

Yet another class students can take after computer concepts is Programming taught by Mrs. Webb.  This class will teach students the fundamentals of programming using Visual Studio.  Students will learn how to write code for events along with a range of beginning applications.

If students like Programming then they can move straight on to Advanced Programming after they have completed their first programming class.  Advanced Programming is also taught by Mrs. Webb and will continue on with the content of the Programming with more advanced topics using SQL and Javascript.

Advanced Programming Student Joshua Jones (11) says that he believes the skills he has learned in the class have been very helpful and interesting and that he would recommend the class to anyone who can take it.

Mrs. Webb says that these classes are perfect for anyone who wants to go into any kind of technological field in the future and that she believes that these classes are beneficial to anybody who takes them.

Herrin High School has many classes that can help students better understand how to use the many different applications and devices that are used in the modern workspace.  High School is the perfect opportunity to learn these skills before you are sent out into the world where you will have to apply these skills.  Make sure to sign up for all of your classes by 5 PM on Friday the 22nd.

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