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Herrin High School’s wide array of medical classes provides an insight into the medical field for every future medical professional.
Natalie Meneese (11) and Anjalina Warner (12) prepare a patient with the gait belt to move her from the bed to a chair during Med Lab Tech.
Natalie Meneese (11) and Anjalina Warner (12) prepare a patient with the gait belt to move her from the bed to a chair during Med Lab Tech.
Photography, Mads LaBotte

Herrin High School has a wide array of classes to prepare its students for the workforce and future career goals; its medical classes are not any different. 

Between Orientation to Health Occupations up to CNA, there are multiple classes for students to learn more about the healthcare field and grow their knowledge of what their future can hold. 

The earliest class offered to incoming freshmen is Orientation to Health Occupations which is taught by Mrs. Ohms. Along with earning AHA Heartsaver CPR certification, students are introduced to the world of healthcare at a basic level and learn the foundations of medical math, terminology, and skills. 

Mrs. Ohms emphasizes how students doing their projects is her favorite part of Orientation to Health Occupations and recommends it to anyone who wants a slice of the medical field. 

The next class that can be taken by sophomore and junior students is Sports Medicine I and II. Sports Medicine I is taught by Mrs. Yates, an active physical therapist, and goes over the basics of what sports medicine is. Students get hands-on experience at different school sporting events and learn firsthand what it takes to be in this field of study.

Mrs. Yates states how Sports Medicine is good “if you want to be a coach… or want to work with athletes at all” even because it will “teach you basics on how facilities are run and how things are working.”

One of the most fun activities in Sports Medicine II is the class creating gummy spines to learn more about different muscles and bones in the back. Sports Medicine I also have interesting projects such as budgeting and creating each group’s workout and physical therapy room. 

Medical Terminology is also taught by Mrs. Ohms and can be taken as a sophomore as a normal elective; for juniors and seniors, this class can be taken as a dual credit class through John A. Logan College. Medical Terminology divulges an entirely different language of medical terms and their meanings within the healthcare field, an essential skill for future medical professionals. 

One activity students participate in is a medical terminology spelling bee where students take turns spelling different and increasingly complicated words. 

Med Lab Tech teaches students about the medical lab in-depth and essential medical skills such as vital signs and wheelchair use. Skills such as these prepare students for future careers such as nursing and working in different medical settings. Med Lab Tech also provides more hands-on learning by having students work within a job shadowing experience for three days a week. 

Med Lab Tech students Madalynn Carter (12) and Mckayla Kerrigan (12) agree that their advice for anyone considering these types of classes is “to never just use a Quizlet. This is an important job.” 

EMR, or Med Lab II,  is a class that prepares students for different types of public service careers. The skills discussed in this class prepare students for immediate care of a sick or injured person. 

One of the most monumental classes offered at Herrin High School is the CNA class taught by Mrs. Ohms. CNA teaches many skills that are essential for future nurses, physicians, or specialists such as basic pharmacology, medical and professional ethics, and first aid and CPR. 

Katie Meadows (12) praises CNA class for “teaching [her] everything [she] knows to get [her] on the right path”. 

Students in CNA also leave school early to work at certain nursing homes in the area, providing more experiences working with people in their intended field. All of this experience continues to push those students towards their intended goals and creates new opportunities. 

Herrin High School has numerous opportunities for students interested in the medical field and this continues to grow as the school grows. High school is the perfect opportunity to learn and expand, and these medical classes are a great way to start your future in healthcare. Make sure to sign up for any of the classes you’re interested in by 5 PM on Friday the 22nd. 

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    StarAnne PatrickMar 21, 2024 at 8:58 am

    Exceptional article Madyson Grace! So proud of the woman you have become. Keep up the great work as you enter into a new experience, in the medical field. – Grammy