How To Be a Fan 101

Feeling hype and cheering loud!
Feeling hype and cheering loud!
Photography, Mads LaBotte

When it comes to being a fan, Pep Club knows how to do it! Over this past year, the Pep Club posters and the student sections at all the games have been pretty great. However, are there any ways we can improve them, and how can we, the students, be more involved? 


When talking with a few pep club members, many of them said that our school spirit was not to the standards they felt that it should be. When a few students were asked how we could improve this, Izzy Brown and Taylor Sales both had similar remarks. Izzy stated, “We should cheer a little bit more, it would boost our team’s moods when they are losing.” “Our student section needs to be more involved, cheering would be a great way to do that…” stated Taylor.  


When asking about what else we could do better, a small list was composed. 1) Go all out for the games! It’s really important to dress up for the theme so when sitting in the student section, then we can see your Tiger Pride! 2) Be respectful to the other team, even when losing. Losing is not fun, everyone knows this. However, trash-talking the other team won’t make ours any better. 3) Tell your friends about the game. The more people that know there is a game, the bigger chance people will show up. 4) Cheer for all to hear. Going back to the cheering, make sure to show your appreciation on and off the playing field. 


If you don’t know where the themes are, there are a couple of places you can find them. Including the hallway by Mrs. Bush’s room, Mrs. Bush’s room, and social media. A couple social media accounts are Herrin Boys Basketball, Herrin High, Herrin Girls Basketball, Herrin Athletics, and Herrin Barstool (not a school related account.) These accounts can be found on Facebook and Instagram.

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