Clothes Minded Teens

Trends keep resurfacing, but do the same opinions resurface with them?
Clothes Minded Teens

In today’s world, fashion has become a big deal among teenagers. We’re talking about what seems popular now, our predictions for the future, and the hot takes on what we don’t like. 


To begin, baggy or oversized clothing has become a popular style, with large t-shirts, wide legged jeans, and lots of layering in between. This style falls often into the grunge aesthetic and is more comfortable than some other tight fitting clothing. 


On the opposite end of the spectrum, Y2K fashion is becoming increasingly prominent. Things like retro graphic tees, leather, as well as mini and low rise skirts are making an appearance too. 

These kinds of clothes are comfortable to a different audience and help them express themselves in a way they can be proud of. 


Another kind of fashion from the past is the 80s. The glam, strong silhouettes, chunky shoes, and minimalism is coming back into fashion slowly but surely. Similarly, 90s fashion is making a comeback too; like Baby tees, pumps, and column dresses. 


As extras, maximalism from the 50s, flared bottom jeans, cutouts, and platform heels from the 60s. Finally, older fashion like sheer fabrics from the 18th century (later resurfaced in 2008) and corsets from the renaissance is becoming more admired as well. Some fashion, like all white shoes and statement accessories, have been popular since the beginning  in the 1900s and the egyptian period, respectively. 


Much of this dated fashion has come from the rise in thrifting and upcycling clothing. This used to be sort of looked down upon but more recently the ‘vintage’ look has resurfaced in a better and more inspiring way. People have become more comfortable in their clothing and with their bodies; consequently, fashion has become more important for self expression in teens and young adults. 

We went and found some hot takes and opinions in today’s fashion from today’s teens, who will remain anonymous. Starting on a positive note, multiple students think positively of cargo pants and believe they will make a strong comeback. We also got a thumbs up for cardigans and a few people mentioned how cute they think flared pants are. On comebacks, multiple said that the 80s and 90s will make an appearance again as well as one who felt strongly that “overalls are back baby”. 


And now, today’s hot takes. Some takes were pretty specific, talking about how MSCHF’s Big Red Boots are “hideous” and that “Lululemon belt bags do NOT look good with every outfit.” Another few felt strongly that “some of the fashion trends today could be exiled from history” or they “hate tennis shoes with jeans” with an “Amen” in response, or some have very relevant hot takes like “really [not liking] airforces anymore”. Finally, skinny jeans and tracksuits as honorable mentions to the unique tastes of Herrin High.


Hopefully in the future our opinions evolve, grow, and change just as fashion has and certainly will again. Thank you to everyone who participated!

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