Who Has the Better Roll?

Texas Roadhouse vs. Logan’s Roadhouse
The Texas Roadhouse roll comes out on top.
The Texas Roadhouse roll comes out on top.
Photography, Erin Roth

Do you need a good and reliable place to eat? I’ve got you covered! I have gone to Texas Roadhouse and Logan’s Roadhouse and reviewed both of them so you don’t have to waste your money! I hate when I try new places, and I have a horrible experience and a huge bill to pay. Meanwhile, it isn’t even worth it. I am going to save you the hassle! That way next time you want to have a good meal, you won’t waste your money on something you may not enjoy.


I went to Texas Roadhouse first. There was a five minute wait when I got there. It seemed like I didn’t wait the full five minutes. I got seated quickly and then waited for service for about eight minutes. When the waitress finally came I ordered a drink and an appetizer. I got sweet tea and fried pickles. The rolls were kind of dry but the butter was extremely good! My drink came out and then I ordered my food. I got an 8 ounce sirloin with a baked potato and a caesar salad. The fried pickles were the perfect amount of crispy and the pickle was great! My steak was a little bit too done but other than that it was very juicy and good. The baked potato was decent, it wasn’t the best. It took a while to get my fried pickles but my food came out quickly. The waitress was kind of rude and only came back to check on us twice. She didn’t refill our drinks until we were leaving when I asked her for a to-go drink. 


The prices are a little high but the food is good! My 8 ounce sirloin came with two sides was pretty good but not the best experience I have had at Texas Roadhouse and it was $16.49. My appetizer was fried pickles, they were really good and they were $6.99. My sweet tea wasn’t really sweet enough for me. I like very sugary sweet tea so that’s just my preference. The sweet tea was $3.65. In all my experience could have been better but the food was good. The service wasn’t the best but the vibes were very high in the restaurant and the food was pretty good! Overall I rate Texas Roadhouse an 8/10.


Secondly I went to Logan’s Roadhouse. There wasn’t a wait and I got seated immediately. I got service within five minutes and ordered my drink but I didn’t get an appetizer this time. I got a sweet tea which came out really fast. The sweet tea was really good, perfect in my opinion. Then I ordered my meal, a 6 ounce sirloin with a side caesar salad and a side of fries. I also got my food really quick. My caesar salad was good and it came with the perfect proportions of toppings on it. I think the fries were delicious but the steak tasted a little funky, not the best steak I have had but it still wasn’t bad. The rolls were hot and good, a little bit chewy, the butter was good but it wasn’t anything fancy. The service was amazing and my waitress was extremely nice and did a perfect job! 

The prices here compared to Texas Roadhouse are quite a bit cheaper. The 6 ounce sirloin I got came with two sides. The steak like I said wasn’t the best but it wasn’t terrible. The fries were extremely good and the caesar salad was decent and that was $13.79. My sweet tea was perfect and it was $2.99. My experience at Logan’s roadhouse overall was good, the service was good, the food was good as well. Overall I rate my experience here a 7/10.


Both restaurants have a lot of similarities and differences. But overall, Texas Roadhouse is my pick. I went around to 10 different people and 2 out of 10 said they picked Logan’s and 8 picked Texas Roadhouse. Texas Roadhouse plays a lot of good music and has good entertainment features. I didn’t have the best service, but I think if I would’ve gotten a better waitress my experience would have been better. Logan’s Roadhouse wasn’t very lively. Texas Roadhouse’s steak, rolls, and caesar were also better than Logan’s Roadhouse. Now that I have been to both places I can confidently say Texas Roadhouse is the way to go, and they have the better roll!

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    Donna HunterApr 17, 2024 at 7:34 am

    I would rather have Logan’s rolls. I love those