HHS Journalists Visit the Dawg House

HHS Tigers and Journalists take a field day at SIU.
Maddie Ahne is practicing pictures with the Associate Professor Antonio Martinez.
Maddie Ahne is practicing pictures with the Associate Professor Antonio Martinez.
Photography, Aubrey Rash

This past Wednesday; September 13th, just over 30 students and Mrs. Shelton took a trip to SIU for a field day. Several of those students were Herrin Tiger Journalists, some to name such as: Emmarie Bires, Maddie Ahne, Caden Green, Noah Pulley and Aubrey Rash. 

HHS Students show enthusiasm after returning from SIU. (Photography, Aubrey Rash)

SIU offered a variety of different courses students could choose from and explore. 


Aubrey Rash, Maddie Ahne, and Caden Green, all Journalism students, stuck together to share the experience. After all attending students, from schools such as Herrin, Marion, Vienna, Carterville and others placed around Southern Illinois, met together in the large ballroom, each course was dismissed to their respective locations. 


Students from all across Southern Illinois walk the SIU campus. (Photography, Aubrey Rash)

Groups traveled all across the campus, to various buildings and locations for each course available. The group consisting of Maddie, Caden and Aubrey took the Educational Arts and Industry Workshop course, where they dove further into photography and all aspects involved. The group was given the opportunity to take portraits of each other using softboxes, Sony cameras, and much more.




Journalists Maddie Ahne (11) and Caden Green (11) practice their photography skills. (Photography, Aubrey Rash)

After the first session of courses came to an end, students were given an opportunity to get lunch, many of which chose to go to the Chick-Fil-A located in the SIU Student Center. Others ate the provided lunch that consisted of sandwiches, chips, a beverage, and a cookie. All throughout the day, students consistently visited the Starbucks also located in the SIU Student Center. 


After lunch came to a close, the next session of courses began. 


The Journalist Trio banded together once again for the SIU Museum tour. The group was given a tour of the newest exhibit; the Chère Caresse. Two homosexual artists, who were fellow SIU graduates in the 70’s named Arch Connley and Jimmy Wright, joined them. All artwork from each respective artist was given a brief history and deep dive to further the groups’ understanding and perception of each work of art. Their artwork showcase reflects their feelings and the oppression they faced in the 70s.



SIU offers personal tours and visits, all available on the SIU website, or students can contact Mrs. Shelton for more information regarding SIU as a whole and any questions they may have.

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