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Local Business Spotlight: Unique Geek Gaming Lounge
The doors to Unique Geek Gaming Lounge are those to a world of possibilities!
The doors to Unique Geek Gaming Lounge are those to a world of possibilities!
Photography, Madisyn Ahne

The newest hobby store on Park Avenue, Unique Geek, certainly lives up to its name. As soon as you walk through the door, there are all kinds of things to look at and do. The setting is open, and there are things to buy, play, watch, and more. To the right, there is merchandise for video games, anime, and card games, but on the left there are PCs available for use. Directly in front center of the room are tables for games, and on the back wall there is a large TV with chairs for multiplayer gaming with friends. 


In an interview with Daniel Greeley, a teenage customer of the store, he stated he “would recommend…especially those who like to play games in groups or enjoy tabletop games.” We personally recommend some of their more popular attractions, such as D&D, Pokemon, Magic the Gathering, or one of their many events, along with some of their awesome products. Some of their products include (but are not limited to): dice, figurines, manga, Magic the Gathering cards, keychains, and more! Some examples of events held in the past would be D&D campaigns, Magic the Gathering games, private parties, and most anything you may want to arrange for their location!


The store is family-owned and operated by Kylea Lane and Richard Fasching in their new location at 101 West Cherry Street in downtown Herrin. Lane said that fortunately, “the street is super busy which brings in a lot of foot traffic,” and that they’ve been “steadily gaining popularity amongst young adults and teenagers.” The environment is comfortable and inviting, and it’s sure to be a comfortable place for any game or event. Lane stated “every customer that comes in here is like family to us” which is truly shown by the friendliness of the staff, and only adds to the pleasant atmosphere. If there’s anything in particular you’re looking to buy or do, the employees can easily guide you. Greely agreed that the store is a “10/10 place for anyone who likes to play games.” From the outside, the store looks small, but when you step in it’s a whole new world of possibilities!

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