Project B(eautiful)

Have you been told you’re beautiful lately?

Quentin Shaw, Jessica Cline, and Taylor Bloodworth

Article, The White Tiger, the anonymous author

In 2015-2016, HHS journalism program was looking for a way to increase student morale. The adviser, Samantha Goetting, ran across a college project that created a similar positive impact and pitched the idea to the editors. They took the idea with hesitation, not sure of how the student body would react or participate. The first day of filming was so eye opening to the three senior editors: Quentin Shaw, Jessica Cline and Taylor Bloodworth. With great inspiration, the editors filmed for one week, collecting multiple people throughout the high school from a variety of personalities and social groups. One weekend later, Quentin Shaw had edited, spliced and added music to create the program’s pride and joy, the video, Project B.

With the sole intention of this video being to boost morale at one high school, the editors posted it to Facebook and also showcased it on the school’s student produced daily announcements. Within 24 hours the video went viral. The staff, adviser and editors were in shock.  How did this draw so much attention? How did our appreciation for each individual student in our class reach so many people from different towns and states?

Soon the editors were being interviewed on small television programs and multiple radio stations state-wide. The adviser even said, “I was given praise by other teachers and administration during a conference in Chicago over this video!” A few small town students turned editors took this idea and ran with it, gave heart to it. The result was a message that many high schools and students, and even parents, were unknowingly craving to hear… that they were “beautiful” just they way they were. They were appreciated. They were enough.

Yearly, the staff and editors try to do at least one thing to reach out to fellow students and let them know they are important and appreciated.

Have you told someone they are beautiful lately?

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