The Stress of Junior Year

The SAT is not perfect. We all know smart, knowledgeable people who do badly on standardized tests. But neither is it useless. SAT scores do measure both specific knowledge and valuable thinking skills. – Virginia Postrel


Photography, Ashlyn Sims

SAT practices tests

The last semester of junior year can be one of the most demanding and formidable semesters throughout all of high school. Juniors have the stress of the SAT, clubs and sports, along with multiple other tests and assignments that will determine not only the rest of their high school career, but anything that they decide to pursue after that.


Scoring well on the SAT can help with getting scholarships and with being accepted into a dream school. The months of overwhelming studying and stressing over this singular test will all be worth it after completing the not so simple three and a half hour test.


A few juniors were asked why they think it is important to study for the SAT and they brought up that if you study for the test you will know how the test is going to be laid out.  It was also said that if you study you have a more likely chance to get a better score and that score can help you get into a school that you want.


Getting a good score on the SAT can gain juniors advantages for their senior year.  One of the most known being a close parking spot in the student parking lot.  Another being that juniors who get a high enough score by the school’s standards, will get two extra mental health days for their senior year.


Along with the dreaded SAT test, juniors have the added stress of starting to apply to colleges and universities, being active with all their clubs and sports, and keeping their grades up.


With all of these stressful factors it could seem very stressful and it can be for most but they still have to push through and try their hardest so they can achieve their goals.


Junior year is a stressful year with all of the tests and high expectations but it is all required for someone to graduate.  And graduating is something you need for the future whether it is to go to college, join the military, or to get more jobs in the future.