Honor Earned

National Honor Society is excited to induct and reinduct 47 students into the Anthony B. Venegroni chapter.


National Honor Society is a selective organization that has a strict policy on who can be accepted and invited into it. The bare minimum requirement is a cumulative unweighted 3.5 GPA, but the association also involves a top secret process that values what a student has accomplished in their years of highschool and how active they are in the community; some examples of activity in the school and community is participating in clubs and sports. 


The Anthony B. Venegroni chapter of the National Honor Society has been around since the 1978-1979 school year. Many teachers and sponsors have to put the time and effort into this honor to make sure it all goes well. Mrs. Torbeck is the new sponsor for NHS and is succeeding Mrs. Loyd. 


Mrs. Torbeck is nervous to fill her successor’s shoes since “there is a lot that goes into being the sponsor behind the scenes to make all the pieces move”; however she is “excited to work with students to encourage them to strive for excellence in scholarship, service, character, and leadership”. 


Like other clubs, NHS has its own officers, sponsors, and other individuals who also help in the ceremony; officers are two year members who get elected by fellow seniors.  For the 2022-2023 school year, Fox Connor is the president along with vice-president Cameryn Champion; Ava Greiner is also treasurer together with Cameron Christ who is secretary. All of these officers and an extra reader, Jeremiah Stemm, gave speeches at the National Honor Society Induction Ceremony. 


As the president, Connor feels important with “the spotlights and microphones on you”, and he “tried not to mess up”. 


Each officer has a differently colored candle to represent different aspects of the National Honor Society membership and requirements; these characteristics include scholarship, service, leadership, and character. Every other member receives a white candle and returning members light each other’s candle as a sign of unity.  

The National Honor Society Induction Ceremony is a serious and formal event that can cause some panic among the students who participate; however, it is a major honor that not many can say they have achieved.


Kami Ashmore (junior) believes that “it was a huge validation for working hard throughout the years” especially since she holds herself to a high standard.


National Honor Society is a prestigious organization that allows students who have worked hard to have recognition for their achievements and hard work through a special ceremony and membership.