Hispanic Flamenco Ballet


Photography, Mrs. Estes

Picture of the dancers in action.

The Spanish Club at Herrin High School has meetings every week to discuss different activities and events that they can celebrate from the Spanish culture. They have different parties for different events happening. Some examples would be Cinco De Mayo and Day of the Dead. 


In order to go on trips with the Club you have to be in a Spanish class for one year, and also be in the club. 


On Tuesday, March 7, 2023,  the Spanish club went to St. Louis to watch Hispanic Flamenco Dancers. The dancers show the students a variety of dances from Spain and Latin America. Throughout the year the dancers travel from city to city to show everyone these dances. 


The Herrin High School Spanish students in school learn about some of these dances and also study the language of S

This picture is of our Herrin High School Spanish Club. (Photography, Mrs. Estes)

panish. They were able to see these dances in realife at the Hispanic Flamenco Ballet.


The students were able to see two shows on this day. The first show was called Hispania American Show which is a combination of the companies most popular shows The Latin American Show and The Soul of Spain. They merged all of the wardrobes, choreography together and added a new digital learning component to accompany the show. There was a screen behind the dancers that gave the students a preview of the dancers about to perform. 


This highlights Latin America countries such as Cuba, Puerto Rico, and Argentina and it also features Spain featuring flamenco performances in an immersive experience. In this show they do an interactive element where they bring volunteers onto the stage to participate with the dancers. 


Shout out to the following Spanish Club students that participated in learning Latin dance and flamenco! Cameron Christ- Vice President, Izzy Brown, Amanda Fox, and Alex Estes! Great Job!


Being able to experience and try new things is something that every teacher loves seeing their students do and, “to witness the excitement and reality that students experience when being immersed in another culture and the desire to learn more is awesome as a teacher!”(Mrs. Estes)


At the end of the different shows there was an interactive section that the students and teachers participated in. They went up to the stage and participated in a choreographed dance that was led by an experienced staff member. 


In all this is a great cultural show to go to when wanting to learn more about Spanish culture and the different types of dances around the Latin American world.