Spring Break

Never, ever underestimate the importance of having fun. -Randy Pausch


Photography, Cadence Schuyler

Spring weather calls for some flower .

Whether it’s going to the beach or even hanging out with friends, spring break is a time all students and teachers are excited for, when the time arrives. There are so many activities that occur during spring break such as, enjoying the weather and even being able to enjoy more rest by being able to sleep in. 


Spring break is always something everyone at HHS looks forward to, as it is a time of relaxing away from the stresses of school and homework. As well as a time for athletes to enjoy their sports throughout the break. 


HHS is very excited for the break, there are already many plans forming and being made. Well, what are some things our HHS students and teachers have planned for spring break? When asked, Allison Swiatkowski (11) said “I will be going to celebrate my birthday and also go to St. Louis to spend time with my sister to have like a sister weekend”. 


Spring break would bring out a lot of traveling as well as a lot of memories that are created over the week. With people coming together with family they do not see often or just going somewhere to have fun with family they see everyday. Spring break is also a time for the teachers to relax and take the time to spend with the special people in their lives. 


 When asked the same question, Mrs. Torbeck, one of HHS’ math teachers, stated “I have plans to visit a friend in Nashville, TN, spend time outside hiking, and read as much as possible“. Visiting family or even celebrating birthdays is just a handful of what there is to do during spring break. 


While the break only lasts a week, by the time students and teachers return to their regular school schedules, there will only be 8 weeks of school left. With it being near the end of the school year, there are so many school activities and events before the break that are available to attend as well as very busy personal schedules across HHS!