TeaZenTea: A Review

The best place to get boba tea in town.


Photography, Allison Swaitkowski

TeaZenTea has many different drinks on their menu. Not only do they sell drinks, but you can also get mochi and a waffle. When ordering a drink, most of the popular options, like blending the drink or choosing to have boba or not, are all available. The best selling drinks there are the Brown Sugar Milk Tea with Cream and the Créme Brûlée. 

When preparing a drink, the worker seals the cup with a plastic lid by placing the cup into their machine. When the cup is put in the machine, the lid rolls over the cup and is sealed on with heat, which makes it sturdy and reliable for the customers.

In each drink, the customer can choose between regular boba pearls or a flavor of popping boba. The boba pearls are more squishy and are like a gummy bear consistency, while the popping boba has juice that comes out when bitten into. 

The facility is very clean and well kept. The workers are extremely polite and knowledgeable when it comes to questions. The interior has cute and cozy seating that allows one to relax with friends or family, or even alone, and their flower wall makes for a great photo-op. The TeaZenTea menu is very easy to read and it gives a step by step tutorial on how to choose what you want in the drink. It also tells the customer what types and flavors of boba they offer and each category of drinks you can get.

TeaZenTea offers many drink options, so while it is a place that is mainly based around boba, they can accommodate nearly anyone’s preferences. Their workers are kind and offer wonderful customer service, overall making this a great place to go if you are looking for a sweet drink and a relaxing atmosphere.