Role Models of Herrin High

role mod·el /ˈrōl ˌmäd(ə)l/ noun 1. a person looked to by others as an example to be imitated.


Photography, Ashlyn SIms

Seniors Fox Connor and Eli Lehnhoff show freshman Holdyn Westberry how to be a responsible student.

To have a role model is to look up to someone and want to do as they do. Because of this, role models have big impacts on other people’s lives.


As a role model you are an inspiration to others, someone who makes others aspire to be like them, someone who can be imitated.  As a role model you set a positive example to others.  Aidan Harrison, a junior, says that to be a role model is “to be a positive influence and inspiration to others, especially younger generations.”


A role model should show respect and be honest.  They should be respectful to not only other people but also their decisions.  They have to show commitment to your values and toward your goals.  A role model has to keep on with what they believe in. A role model doesn’t always have to be a famous person, it can also be a teacher, parent, or even another student you have class with.  A person could find a role model anywhere. You could be a role model to someone and not even know it. With this possibility, you should always act as if you do know you are someone’s role model.  


Parents have the biggest impact on their children’s lives and are usually the biggest role models in a child’s life.  One can enter the same profession because of their parents’ influence or hold themselves to a higher or lower regard depending on how their parents hold themselves. But, on the other hand, teachers and peers also have a big impact on students.  Teachers inspire kids to strive for the best and to let out their full potential.  Classmates have a big impact because they are someone whom you have something in common with.


A role model is being an inspiration and having respect for others.  Anyone can be a role model, even if they don’t know it.