How Many Breaks Are Too Many?


Photography, Jazmin Lentz

A student crashes over their work.

Throughout the school year, we have a combination of multiple long and short breaks. This leads to one main question, how many breaks are too many? Most students enjoy having more breaks because they have more free time, they get to spend time with friends and family, and they do not have to worry about completing all of the homework teachers give them. However, some students don’t like having long breaks because it gives them time to forget everything they learned before the break. Some of them even believe that the breaks are the cause of grades slipping while others believe that is not the case at all. Michael Cagle (11) thinks students are at fault for slipping grades after breaks. He states, “Your grades are based on what you do in the classroom, not what you do outside of the classroom.” He also thinks we should have more breaks. Michael Cagle says, “We should have more breaks because I feel like it gives us a mental recharge.” Multiple students are worried if we didn’t have as many breaks, it would make the student’s mental health worse. Chloe Hobbs states “I feel like if we have more breaks, our minds have time to reset.” She also feels like the breaks are the reason why grades are going down. Chloe Hobbs says, “The breaks are responsible for grades slipping because they give the students more time to forget.” Some students even say they wouldn’t be able to take the whole school year seriously if they didn’t get to have the long breaks that we have now because they would be completely drained and tired. Even though some students and adults blame school breaks for their messed up sleeping schedules, grades going down, and students not being able to concentrate after returning to school, these breaks can also be a great opportunity for students to physically and mentally reset.