Red Ribbon Recap


Photography, Daniel Greeley

Students of Herrin High sign the pledge to be drug free.

Red Ribbon week has just been celebrated here at many schools across the country, including our very own.It represents one cause, keeping kids and teens away from drug abuse. Red Ribbon Week brings awareness and its participants offer support in multiple ways. Seeing so many others your age and older standing up against drugs gives you the strength and confidence to say no to drugs and encourage others to do the same. Along with the positive vibes, Red Ribbon Week also has fun prompts that students and teachers alike use to show their spirit. 


Monday, October 26, everybody wore red in support of the kickoff of red ribbon week. Teachers and students all took part in the theme to support each other and stand against drugs. 

Tuesday, October 25, was superhero day. Multiple students could be seen wearing their favorite superhero t-shirts and some even wore their own capes. True heroes stand against drugs.

Wednesday, October 26, was twin day. Students and teachers around the school were seen wearing matching pants, shirts, and even full on matching outfits. 

Thursday, October 27, was Jersey day. Tons of people, including teachers, wore their favorite teams’ merch. Jerseys for every sport could be seen around Herrin High School. 

Friday, October 28, was black and orange day. Students showed their school spirit while standing together in total solidarity against teen drug abuse. 


Red Ribbon week is all about standing together against drugs as a school and more importantly, as a community. It is easier to put your foot down against drugs when you know you can count on others to support you. 


The stand against drugs and peer pressure in school is insanely important, especially in today’s world. Saying no can be hard, especially when your friends are the ones trying to get you to do the opposite. Remember, the most important thing is to do what is good for you and your well being, no matter if someone gets mad at you for it. Especially if that person claims to be your friend.