Doggy Parton: The Apparel Line for Dogs


Photography, Doggy Parton Store

The famous singer Dolly Parton launched a dog apparel line on August 31, 2022 called “Doggy Parton.” 

Her first record, “Puppy Love,” inspired her to create the shop.  Now, sixty years later, she is still showing her love for dogs of all sizes and ages by creating this line.  Dolly’s release has 20-plus accessories in it. 

Depending on the item being purchased, the prices range from 10 to 20 dollars.  The line consists of hats, tiaras, different types of clothing items, collars, leashes, and plush toys.  In order to get these items, they can be found on Amazon or on  Billy the Kid, which is Dolly’s god-dog, is the doggy model for the items. 

On a video on twitter, Dolly described it as “pet products with a little Dolly flair.”  She also revealed that part of the profit from this doggy line will be going towards supporting Willa B Farms, which is a rescue where she says puppies go to find never ending love. There are also t-shirts in the line for dogs that don’t want to be fancied up in a dress or wig. 

Dolly Parton is definitely showing her love for furry friends and it is very appreciated by the dogs at Willa B Farms rescue.