Photography, Nevaeh Thetford

There are roughly 225 million twins in the world, which means one of forty two children born are twins. 

This week we had the privilege to interview our very own sets of twins at HHS.  Our first question to each set of twins was, “What is one upside of being a twin?”  The majority answer was that they always had someone who they could count on to be there for them.  Another answer was one from Juniors Aidan and Delaney Harrison, saying that “We never have to remember another birthday.”  Not having to worry about forgetting your sibling’s birthday is something that sounds like a plus to me. 

The next question was, “What is a downside to being a twin?”  Again there was a lot of the same answer being that they have to share/split everything.  An example would be from Eli Lehnhoff saying that, “Emily steals my clothes and I wear her socks.” 

The last thing that we asked was for each set of twins to give us something that they felt necessary for everyone to know.  One thing that was said by both Jenna and Lucas Sissom as well as Jackson and Katie Davis is that, “It’s nice being able to ask advice from the opposite gender without it being awkward.” Boys and girls think very differently, so having that clutch of the opposite gender who is always the exact same age as you seems to be worth sharing a few things.

Another common answer given to us by Brady and Brisdon Quaglia, Delaney and Morgan Restivo, and Emily and Eli Lehnhoff is that, “Just because we are twins doesn’t mean we are the same person.” 

Each twin has their own personality and their own set of thoughts that makes them unique even when they have another version of themselves living with them. Juniors  Konnor and Grant Doughty told us their most common question they get asked is, “You guys are twins?”- bringing back the idea of each twin being different in their own way.

Niacyn and Niki Tucker-Benjamin and Miles and Maddox Burks said that, “They will always have the other person no matter what they go through,” which shows how much having a twin can impact the other twin’s life.  When talking to each set of twins, I learned that having a twin means you basically have a built-in best friend, even if you wouldn’t have chosen the other person for that “job”. 

Lastly we had Aidan and Delaney Harrison tell us that, “You don’t have to like them, you just have to love them.” 

Being a twin can probably be aggravating at times because you have to share a lot, but in the end it’s worth it.   Take it from the saying in the TV show, Liv and Maddie, Sisters by chance, friends by choice.”