Bringing Pep to Herrin High


Photography, Ashlyn Sims

Herrin High School is very high spirited when it comes to our sports teams and clubs.  Most of this spirit comes from the pep club, who plans and chooses the themes for the games.

The club members want to have more community activities this year so they can get the community involved with the student body. This year they are also planning to decorate the halls in our school, come up with other ways to make school more fun, and push for more student involvement and school spirit.

Mrs. Bush also wants the games to be “top notch and huge.” The officers of the pep club were also asked what they were most excited for this year.

Fox Connor is looking forward to “exploring different themes,” Jacob Hawk is ready for “more freedom, getting the pep club more involved than last year, and having more activities,” and Loreal Tucker is anticipating “the amount of participants.”

Even if you aren’t a part of the pep club, that doesn’t mean you can’t be a part of the fun. You still have a chance to be part of our student section, the “Loud Crowd.”

The Pep Club officers (from left to right) Fox Connor, Jacob Hawk, And Loreal Tucker, pose for photo. (Photography, Ashlyn Sims)