Herrin HOSA’s First Internationals: Already Taking Home Awards

HOSA’s First Internationals ends in a great success.


This summer, Herrin’s HOSA chapter went to their first International event in Nashville Tennessee. After settling in for the first day, everyone started to get comfortable, the members began to meet new people, and they started their events. 


There were multiple different events that the Tigers participated in while at Internationals.  Mads LaBotte competed in Chemistry ATC, Reese Billingsley competed in Family Medicine ATC, Amanda Baxter competed in Leadership ATC, and Evan Young and Jeremiah Stemm competed in CPR. Mads, Reese, Evan and Jeremiah also participated in Anatomage; an event that takes place exclusively at Internationals. Reese, Evan, and Jeremiah were also all participants in Body Interact. There were over 10,000 people from multiple different countries, and the Tigers who participated in the Body Interact event won 1st place and were subsequently given a $5,000 dollar grant and a free year of the virtual patient program.


Among the five Tigers that went to Internationals, the Herrin Tiger Journalists were able to interview two participants, Jeremiah Stemm and Evan Young, about their experiences during these events. On the amount of different cultures and nationalities that were present, Jeremiah Stemm, who won Southern Area VP, had this to say: “I met people from literally everywhere.” He also expressed during his interview that there was never a dull moment during Internationals and everyone was always doing something. Evan Young stated that “Everyone should join HOSA…It gives you better opportunities.” Both agreed that it was an amazing experience that they would recommend to anybody who was given the opportunity. 


The fun started with meeting people from around the world by trading pins. The HOSA chapter members enjoyed many various activities including Dave & Busters and bowling. They enjoyed food at places such as the Rainforest Cafe and other restaurants in the Gaylord Opryland Resort. The members also got to enjoy a ceremony by a famous tiktoker by the name of Dr. Mike. They were accommodated by their teacher, Mrs. Ohms. She said, “It was fun, a wonderful experience.”  The selected club members had a wonderful time meeting new people and thoroughly enjoyed their time at HOSA Internationals.