Football Senior Spotlights

Cameron Evrard, Riley Sims, Chase Sanders, Keaton Coriasco, Caden Miles, and Blake Watson


Photography, Jakob Hawk

Senior Football Players smile big as they enjoy their last year of high school football together


On Thursday, September 30th, I got the opportunity to sit down with some of HHS’ senior tiger football athletes for a couple of group questions regarding their senior season. The first question asked to the group of boys was how old were they when they started their football career. All answers were similar, all falling under 5th grade, except Riley Sims, who started his first game when he was 18 years old.

Coming down to the topic of if they are going to miss anything about tiger football, surprisingly enough most of the boys said there isn’t much they’d miss. Cameron Evarard did however state how he will miss running out of the tiger, and playing the game he loves with the friends he built a brotherhood with. Along with Keaton Coriasco saying he will still miss decorating the locker room with Caden Miles. But when all were asked about one thing they will not miss, all said going 0-5. Coming back to tiger football is a possibility for all of them, they find that coming back to this community is one of the best things they can do for the younger youth.

Wondering if there were any sayings or actions that will stay with them into the future, Riley Sims was quick to say, “see ball, kick ball.” Finally, the boys faced a question that hit close to home. When the final whistle blows, they will leave behind many brothers, and there is no way around it. However, was there anything they wanted them to carry on, or to throw away to prevent the mistakes they made. “Cherish your time, you’ll never get it back,” said Caden and Keaton. Many other points were made by players such as Blake Watson, saying to work on the little things, or Cameron Everard, saying to listen to the coaches and to attend all the summer workouts.