FRESHMAN: Jeremiah Stemm


Jeremiah Stemm

Jeremiah Stemm is a freshman at Herrin High School. He participates in Spanish Club and Band, and he is on the school’s Math Team and Scholar Bowl Team. He is also the class president of the freshman class. He plays football and basketball. 


His favorite aspects of high school have been seeing his teachers, lunch hour, Math team, sports, and hanging out with his friends. 


Throughout the stay-at-home order, Stemm has been babysitting his younger siblings, doing yard work, helping with house chores, entertaining his family, binge-watching YouTube videos, and playing Fortnite. 


During quarantine, Stemm will especially miss being with all of his friends, baseball season, and the Math team’s state competition. 


**Disclaimer: All information is provided by the showcased individual.

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