What Could Happen Next?

Earthquakes Happening in Puerto Rico Are Turning Into Something Dark


Construction workers working hard to help the people of Puerto Rico.

 Many families are overwhelmingly shocked after “the big shake”ruined everything on Tuesday, January 7 2020 six miles from Ponce, Puerto Rico. Houses have been ruined by this tragedy while many have crumbled down to the ground. Most people have been sleeping outside while more than 2,000 others are in shelters. The earthquake was so big that the power plant in the town could take up to a year to fix the effects of the earthquake.


Due to damage, kids will not be attending school until further notice. Earthquakes have been happening more than usual the past year and Puerto Rico is terrified and  the public wants to stay awake for the next ones that will be coming soon. At this point, no one knows if anything worse can happen after this. Sadly, people knew it was coming to the town eventually but they didn’t think it could ruin everything. Hopes are high to get back on their feet sooner than later.


After getting hit once, on January 11 Puerto Rico got hit again which caused more problems for the community. Sadness and fear are two main feelings everyone is seeking for Puerto Rico right now. The more earthquakes that come, the more people who get hurt and the more lives that are getting threatened and taken away. Love will always be with the lives of Puerto Rico.

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