Special Olympics Dominates the Bocce Court

Special Olympics Creates an Equal Opportunity for All


The Special Olympics Bocce tournament was a huge success and put a smile on everyone’s face.

Every year students are given the chance to compete as athletes or volunteer at the Special Olympics. With many different events all throughout the year, these competitions give many opportunities to students with intellectual and physical disabilities. This organization has competitions at the national level, but there are also many events at a local level.  


On October 10, students attended the bocce tournament at the First Christian Church in Energy.  Students from different towns laughed and talked as they competed for medals. Everyone was all smiles as they played with friends and met people from different schools. Herrin students brought home multiple gold, silver, and bronze medals. When asked if she had fun, one of Mrs. Mohr’s students enthusiastically shook her head yes and said that her favorite part was the throwing.  


Mrs. Mohr has been taking her students to the Special Olympics since Herrin started going a few years back. She thinks that these events are very important because they “get students into the community and allow them to obtain achievements outside of school.” Since Special Olympics runs on volunteers, it is important to help at these events and encourage others to as well.  “There is a way to go online and be able to volunteer,” Mohr said. There are also many opportunities throughout the year. Not only is there the bocce tournament, there is also the event at SIU in the spring, and other events throughout the year!


These events are so important and vital to keep in schools. It is important for all students to have athletic and extra activities outside of school, and this organization and these teachers go above and beyond to make that possible. Make sure to congratulate the athletes that competed and don’t miss the next event at SIU in the spring!

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