Spirits of the World

Herrin High takes on Spirit Week!


Photography, Kelsey King

Ms. Bleyer’s class enjoys dressing up for Disney Day on Wednesday.

Herrin High’s Spirit Week started out strong on Monday with a dress-up day dedicated to the Homecoming theme, Around the World. People dressed as tourists and as icons from foreign places. Sophomore Alyssa Stallman took inspiration from her class’s theme as she dressed as Cleopatra. 


Tuesday brought out some rivalries. On Team Day, students and staff alike wore jerseys of their favorite players. Long-time Cardinals fan Fox Connor (9) mentions that he’s “very involved in the [Cubs] rivalry. My best friend is a Cubs fan so we get in a lot of arguments.” Cubs fan since birth Mason Clough (11) mentioned that he believes “the rivalry is necessary. It makes for good conversation and good baseball.”


Herrinites forgot their differences on Wednesday as they brought forth a wave of childhood nostalgia. On this day, we dressed as our favorite Disney characters. Kaitlyn Rutherford, a senior, drew inspiration from her love of Frozen and their similar looks as she put on her Anna dress borrowed from her cousin. Dusty Mallow took the day’s theme even farther by creating his own amusement park ride. Take a “ride” on Mallowland. 


We took a trip down memory lane and saw a glimpse into our futures on Time Travel day. Hayley Franklin (11) sported a cute denim dress as she recalled her 5-year old memories. Looking through her crystal ball, junior Ella Waybright dressed as in her future style. She “added 57 years” to her look this day she said.


On Friday, Herrin High showed its school spirit in waves of orange, black, and camo. Kristina Yoast (11) was decorated from her head to her toes. This included Tiger socks with the typical dots. These dots however were painted on with straws instead of pencils. This created subtle circles instead instead of drab dots.

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