Homecoming Madness

It’s weeks like this where we truly see just how special this town is and how lucky it is to be a tiger.


Photography, Lucy Delaney

Homecoming Queen, Mia Connor (12) smiles at the Homecoming parade.

Herrin completes another successful Homecoming week full of football games and funky costumes! This year’s theme, “Around the World”, gave students a chance to celebrate different cultures and showcased the creativity and talent of all the students who worked to make this Homecoming week the best one yet! The week began with the Powderpuff Football games and Boys Volleyball. This year, the Seniors took an all around win with the Juniors claiming second in both tournaments. 


The various spirit week themes filled the hallways with crazy costumes and smiling faces! Monday’s theme, “Around the World”, had some students wearing sombreros or berets and others all decked out in red, white, and blue. Tuesday gave students a chance to support their favorite team by wearing their jerseys. The halls were full of everyone’s favorite characters on Wednesday’s Disney day. Thursday brought the week full circle as students dressed as their past or future selves. 


Thursday night had everyone waiting in anticipation to see who would be elected as this year’s Homecoming Queen. Reigning Queen, Reagan Ridgway, returned to pass the crown to this year’s new queen. The four seniors that were up for this title were Gina McCarthy, Charli Elliot, Molly Childers, and Mia Connor. Everyone watched in awe as the court walked out in gorgeous gowns with their handsome escorts. After a long wait, everyone cheered as Mia Connor was crowned Homecoming Queen, and Charli Elliot Maid of Honor.


 Friday had everyone pumped for the Homecoming game, wearing orange, black, and camo. We suffered a hard loss to Murphysburo, but didn’t let that ruin the fun of the week. No matter what, we’re always proud to be a tiger.


After many days of preparation, the best part of the week was finally here: Saturday night, the dance! Everyone looked their best as they arrived to the dance with their friends and dates. The Student Government did a great job decorating and making sure everything looked perfect for the night. Everyone got hyped and danced the night away to songs like Big Bank, No Hands, and Get Low. There wasn’t a face without a smile in the entire gym! 


What a great way to end another amazing Homecoming week. With many events that brought students, administrators, and everyone in Herrin together, Tiger pride and spirit was truly shown off! It’s weeks like this where we truly see just how special this town is and how lucky it is to be a tiger.