January Students of the Month

Every student in high school has to keep up with the task of managing school work on top of everyday responsibilities. Students who excel in academics while maintaining a full schedule of other responsibilities as well are eligible to receive the title of Student of the Month. The students chosen this month by Vice Principal Mr. Mason are sophomore Emily Spiller and senior Colt Chrostoski.


When asked what they enjoy most about Herrin High and high school in general, Spiller stated her teachers are the best part of her day, also including the overall environment of HHS. Chrostoski said he also enjoys the presence of the teachers and the encouragement he receives from his friends.


During high school, planning for your future is essential. Spiller plans to attend John A. Logan in hopes of receiving her associates degree in science. Chrostoski has hopes of becoming an audio engineer.


Motivation plays a big role in achieving your dreams. Spillers’ biggest motivation comes from her teachers and Chrostoski’s motivation mostly comes from his friends, especially senior Clay Allen, his encouraging teachers, along with wanting to make his father proud of him.


Succeeding often pushes students to continue to strive for their greatest. Once one sees what he or she is capable of accomplishing, they are more likely to try to strive for similar successful achievements. When asked why they succeed, Spiller responded, “I work hard and don’t give up”. Chrostoski stated, “Keep your hopes high and nothing is impossible”.


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