The Drugstore Product from Heaven


Photography, Olyvia England

This drug store product works just as well as any high dollar concealer.

Most people would say that drugstore makeup products are “cheap” or “they don’t work as well as the high-end brand.” But the Age Rewind Concealer from Maybelline is cheap and it actually works quite well. This concealer comes in 12 shades and you can buy it at most convenient stores that sell makeup. The company hasn’t always had such a wide variety of shades. Later in 2018 the brand had released the shades and makeup fanatics around the world were thrilled with so many new options.


When you put the product on the skin, it doesn’t feel like you have just rubbed grease or a very full coverage foundation or concealer on. It is rather thin in texture yet the product is very pigmented and provides full coverage. The product completely covers dark circles, shadows in the inner eye, and it removes redness from cheeks and along the nose without adding the cakey look to the face.


The most important part of any good concealer is the finish of the product. The Age Rewind isn’t matte or luminous, but it does have a little bit of sheen. Not only does the product give you a super soft look, but it also comes with a super soft spongy applicator that helps take care of those dark circles.


In 2018, this concealer won Allure’s Best of Beauty Award and the Spring Beauty O-Wards. For everyone that likes the expensive, “works better because it isn’t drugstore” makeup better, maybe they should take a look at the Age Rewind Concealer from Maybelline and give their pocketbook a break, without sacrificing the quality they love.


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