Subtracting the Competition

The math team continues to add on wins


Photography, Mr. Harlow

Once again, the Herrin Math Team demolished their opponents in the regional competition, and picked up another plaque to show off their accomplishment.

Math is one of the most commonly used subjects by all people. Its difficulty grows as the problems become more complex. Some math problems are even designed just to allow students and other thinkers to access parts of the mind that they may not otherwise be able to have a strong link to. But psychological development is just one reward from working hard in this subject. The Herrin High School Math Team has no problem winning physical awards in this subject as well!


In the Regionals event, Herrin came in with a clean sweep over the three other schools competing in Division 2a with the following scores: 72 points (Algebra I Team), 72 points (Geometry Team), 86 points (Algebra II Team), 42 points (Pre-Calc Team), 60 points (Calculator Team), 50 points (Freshmen/Sophomore 8 Person Team), 45 points (Junior/Senior 8 Person Team), 24 points (Freshmen/Sophomore 2 Person Team), 33 points (Junior/Senior 2 Person Team), and finally 30 points (Oral Presentation Team) making a grand total of 514 points overall.


It’s one thing to compete in a very knowledgeable and intellectual subject, but it’s a lot more difficult to coach over 40 different students. Ask the coaches, Mrs. Nagrodski and Mr. Harlow, and they’ll gladly show you how dedicated they are to helping members succeed in each competition they attend. Coach Harlow says that “resisting the urge to work the problems myself” is the most difficult aspect of this position for him.  As the state competition approaches it is simply “too early to tell” whether or not the members of Herrin’s math team will meet the minimum expectation, or achieve a higher level of victory, per usual.


The next competition, held at SEMO, is on April 11th with 29 different categories, all of which the Tigers are ready to take first in. Finally the State competition is on May 4th. Go out and support the math team and as always, stay fly Herrin High.