Subculture Controversy


Photography, Amanda Collier

This pallet's earthy tones are perfect for any skin tone.

Some have called the Anastasia Beverly Hills “Subculture” palette unblendable, too patchy, unworkable, and a waste of money. However, many have fallen in love with the “imperfections” of the palette and have learned the dos and don’ts of it and how to work around them.


The “Subculture” palette consists of fourteen shades (twelve mattes and two shimmers). The overall color scheme is a mixture of forest themed greens, water-like blues, summer-friendly yellows, and warm cranberry shades. The color story of the palette makes this the perfect all year round palette, making it possible to create virtually any eye look.


The main recurring issues with the “Subculture” palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills seem to be the blendability and patchiness. The shadow pigmentation is so extremely evident that when picked up on a brush, there is some kick back. The shadows are powdery, but this is expected when they are pigmented. Fall out is another issue but again, this is an expected result of heavy pigmentation.


I personally really do love this palette. The kick back is just normal. When using pigmented shadows, powderiness is expected. Easy ways to fix this is by swiping the shadow fall out away with a fluffy brush and then, if the face is not yet completed, wiping away anything left on the face with a makeup wipe or by just going through your normal routine.


I would recommend this palette to anyone who is familiar with makeup and possibly even loose eye pigment. This isn’t the easiest palette for beginners to use because the shadows do need to be shown a little bit of love, but it’s a solid palette to grow with, if someone with less experience wants to purchase it.