Holiday Plans


Photography, Mykah Mahan

Even animals can enjoy the holiday season!

Article, Mykah Mahan, Writer

The holidays are just around the corner and everyone is ready to get out of school and enjoy his or her break.  Christmas, New Year’s Eve, everything you love is just around the corner heading in your direction. You know what would make all this even better?  Getting to know what a few of your peers have planned for their break. In that case, let’s jump right in.


Emily Spiller, currently a sophomore at HHS, plans to make gingerbread houses and watch “The Polar Express” over break.  Her favorite part about winter break is Christmas. She views the holiday season religiously, specifically in regards to the birth of Jesus Christ.  Her favorite holiday tradition is buying presents for her cousins. Emily’s favorite holiday in general is Christmas.


Tyric Davis, also a sophomore, plans on doing what many of us enjoy, opening presents!  His favorite part about the break is the snow. Tyric also believes the holiday season is about the birth of Jesus Christ.  When Tyric was asked what his favorite holiday tradition was, he responded with; “Pinning the tail on a donkey.” Overall, his favorite holiday is Halloween.


Last but not least, Mr. J. T. Lewis plans on watching movies over break.  Mr. Lewis believes that the holiday is about being with the people you care about and the birth of Christ.  His favorite part about break is getting to spend time with his family and relaxing. Lewis’s favorite holiday tradition is getting a Christmas tree.  Out of all the amazing holidays, Mr. Lewis’s favorite is Christmas.


It’s only a matter of time now.  You’ll be in your comfortable pajamas sipping on hot chocolate in a jiffy.  As always, Stay Fly Herrin High, and Happy Holidays!