Mineral Fusion Mascara

Organic Makeup Review

Article, Faith Borum, writer

Mascara is a product that is a part of almost every makeup routine. Finding the right mascara is pretty important though, a lot of factors play in. This week I am going to be reviewing a mascara called Mineral Fusion. I found this product at the local Co-op grocery store, where I find a lot of great organic makeup brands that can be trusted. The product is organic, EWG certified, paraben free, and this mascara is supposed to condition and lengthen your lashes which is of course a plus.  


Let me start by saying there was a large variety of natural colors. I chose the shade “Coacoa” and it matches the color of my lashes pretty well for when I want a more nude look. There is both waterproof and regular options of this product as well (personally I do not buy waterproof makeup). The tube that the mascara is in, is not annoying and large like some, and the shade I chose came in a shiny cute light blue color and the packaging it came in was recycled, FINALLY a makeup brand that wants our planet looking pretty too!


I have been using this product for about two weeks now and my lashes do look a little bit healthier. It doesn’t give great volume but does give pretty rad length. The formula is light and easy to remove at the end of the day. The only issue I found to be really aggravating about this product is that if I used rose oil or a brightening oil in the morning it would smear a bit or run. I am almost positive however if you bought a waterproof tube instead it would give better results. Overall I would give this product a 7 out of 10 and I think that I will most certainly be reviewing a few more products by this brand throughout the year.  

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