MEME Review: “Let me guess, you’re home?”

This Month, We Cover the Hottest Avengers Meme at the Moment



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Article, Jakob Milani, writer

Sometimes a meme is easy to make, whether it be a quote from a famous person, a funny video, or a scene from a movie. One of the more popular memes right now comes straight from the latest Avengers movie, Avengers: Infinity War. The meme, known more affectionately as “Let me guess, you’re home,” is from the scene where Doctor Strange asks Thanos “Let me guess, you’re home?” To which Thanos responded “It was… and it was beautiful.” The creators of the meme are currently unknown, but the original versions were posted to some sub-Reddits, according to the website This meme can be used in many ways, not only using actual places, but using objects as well. Some versions of the meme include the old Windows home screen, the Titans Tower from the cartoon Teen Titans, Toys R’ Us’ empty shelves, and many variations of the widely popular video game Fortnite. The meme is pretty funny, and it can be used with  many objects and places all around the world. It wasn’t a necessary meme, but many people sure are glad that it became a meme.

For a rating: 8.5/10.

Now go make more memes.

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