Homecoming Maddness is Upon Us

There are so many things to do during homecoming week, don't miss out on a thing!


Article, Tiffany Young, Olyvia England, and Mykah Mahan

Prepare to go back in time for another memorable Herrin High School Homecoming. Spirit week begins Monday, September 24th. We start off this week with the annual PowderPuff games. We have each grade level competing against each other to win the number one trophy. Each grade level has three varsity athlete coaches. The coaches for the freshmen are Chance Karnes, Matthew Brandon, and Caleb Stein. The coaches for the sophomores are Darien Anthony, Peyton Ronquille, and Trenton Mabry. The coaches for the juniors are Colin Coriasco, Parker Cole, and Nolan Montgomery. Lastly, the coaches for the seniors are Tate Johnson, Matthew Warren, Ricky Branch, and Jackson Yates. The games begin  at two o’clock Saturday, September 22 on the Football Field. There will be five fantastic games to see who can win the winning title.


Later Saturday evening, at five o’clock in Gym B we will have the boys volleyball games! Each grade level will compete against each other for championship title. The teams each have two varsity athlete as their coaches. The freshmen coaches are Mia Connor and Ashton Hawk. The sophomore coaches are Kennedy Biley and Whitney Keel. The junior coach is Vanity Tucker. Lastly, the senior coaches are Gabby Hawk and Ashley Owens. Be there and watch the boys play some fantastic games!


We then start spirit week off with America Day on Monday, TV/Movie Character Day on Tuesday, going into Rapper Vs. Rocker on Wednesday, Decades Day on Thursday, and finally Orange, Black, and Camo Day on Friday, so get your outfits ready! Each class will be assigned a decade for the theme of their respective float, the freshmen were assigned the 70’s, the sophomores were given the 60’s, the juniors got chosen for the 80’s, and the seniors were picked to do the 50’s.


Coronation will be held on the Thursday of that week at 7 pm, which is when they will announce the 2018 homecoming queen and maid of honor for the senior class. All of the attendants will be escorted by the boys varsity athletes. The escorts and their attendants will practice for the event at 7 pm the night before coronation, and also during 7th hour the day of coronation. With that much practice, they will surely stun the audience.

This year the 4 homecoming queen candidates are Reagan Gosha, escorted by Tate Johnson, Sydney Nugent, escorted by Jackson Yates, Reagan Ridgway, escorted by Ricky Branch, and Corbin Viernow, escorted by Matthew Warren. One of those 4 girls will receive the crown from the retiring queen, Kaiyah King.


The senior honored guests are Ashlyn Baldi, escorted by Austin Williamson, Ally Teckenbrock, escorted by Caleb Stein, Bryndle Burks, escorted by Jake Baumgarte, Kaelan Hall, escorted by Parker Cole, Hannah Kleckner, escorted by Reice Hartline, Ashley Owens, escorted by Brylan Mezo, and Paige Wieland escorted by Luke LeQuatte.

The junior high court attendants are Mia Connor, escorted by Erik Smith, and Charli Elliot, escorted by Cameron Damico. The junior honored guests are Gina Mccarthy, escorted by Michael Oliver, Hailee Cox, escorted by Darien Anthony, Molly Childers, escorted by Alex Cogill, Riley Baker, escorted by Nolan Montgomery, and Lexi Price, escorted by Drew Ringel.


The sophomore high court attendants are Olivia Dean, escorted by Trenton Mabry, and Whitney Keel, escorted by Colin Coriasco. The other sophomore honored guests are Zoe Williams, escorted by Brice Williamson, Macy Parks, escorted by Logan Pierce, Emmalea Bacon, escorted by Hayden Holloway, Kylee Evrard, escorted by Anthony Bowling, and Brenna Nesler escorted by David Carlson.


The freshmen high court attendants are Meghyn Blankenship, escorted by Tucker Mcvicker, and Regan Deaton, escorted by Chance Karnes. Other freshmen honored guests are Falyn Ladd, escorted by Reagan Johnson, Anna Carlson, escorted by Sergio Mendez, Taylor Cornelius, escorted by Alex Gottschalk, and Karley Keel, escorted by Andres Diaz.


The next day, September 28th, at 3:00 will be the homecoming parade held on Park Avenue. There you will see the spirit squads, sports teams, businesses, clubs and groups, and last but not least the court attendants riding and or walking through the parade throwing candy, shirts, necklaces, frisbees, and many more exciting things. They will be going a mile, from the high school to the junior high school. Come support not only your school, but your town by attending or participating in the parade!


Later that night, we have the homecoming game from 7 pm-10 pm. The varsity football team will be playing against Massac County. At half time the court attendants will be dressed up and riding on top of their cars around the track. The tigerette dancers will all salute the young ladies with a high kick and the flag team will all toss their flags and curtesy as the attendants ride by.


Prepare to dance to your favorite throwback songs! Herrin High Schools 2018 homecoming will be held on September 29th in the Memorial Gym at the high school. The dance is organized by the student government and will be decorated with unique 1920’s to 1990’s decorations.  So don’t miss out on such a totally tubular night!