Teeing Off A Golf Update

Tiger golf begins to show promise at Regional advancement


Article, Mykah Mahan, writer

The boys golf season is starting up extremely well with a 17 to 1 win/loss rate.  Coach Ewell is hoping to make it to Regionals at minimum with his very skilled team.  It is said that Josh Green and Logan Craft are the top two scorers on the team, so far.  Mr. Ewell proclaims that, “Golf is different every day.” Eager to see the golfers succeed, let’s hope each different day brings more top scorers.


Delaney LaCroix, an athlete on the girls golf team, claims that “I am doing a lot better than last year.”  She believes that this season the girls golf team will improve and hopefully win. In the last two weeks they had a win/loss rate of 3 to 1.