The Forbidden Fruit

Tide Pod Meme Review


Article, Jacob Orr, Writer, Reviewer, Meme guy

In December of 2015 a satire news outlet known as The Onion published a story “Tide Pods” and how to many kids the laundry pod looked like a delicious snack.  Three years later, in 2018, Tide Pods became the first meme of 2018.

It started with many Reddit users making the memes and challenging other users to eat the laundry pod.  Almost immediately the meme blew up on social media and confused many.  Although many believe the challenge was made to take seriously, it is actually just millennial humor and confuses almost all of the generations before them.

Because a few people have actually done the challenge and ate the ‘Forbidden Fruit,’ the media has began to believe that the challenge is very serious and the media is showing serious concern.  Millennial humor will always continue to baffle and confuse many.

For the first meme of 2018 Tide Pods has held up well, made headlines and caused many to chuckle.

I give this meme 9 out of 10.