Wear Pink To Support


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Article, Shanie May, Writer

With 1.7 million people getting diagnosed with breast cancer, we can all do something small to support and raise awareness to those fighting the most common cancer there is.  Our school is supporting the cause January 26th  at the home basketball game against the Benton Rangers.  Everyone who attends, both the away team, home team, and all the fans will need to wear pink to support the survivors, and the ones who have passed.

What is Herrin High School doing For Breast Cancer?

During the day of the pink out game the school will have a pep session where all the spirit teams will perform a routine, as well as the Herrin High School loyalty.  Than some selected students by assigned teachers will play a game.  Later that night at the basketball game there will be set up a memory wall.  On the memory wall you can put someone’s name who has past from cancer and hang it up.  After all of the halftime performances there will be a rose walk, recognizing cancer survivors on the gym floor.  As soon as the game is over there will be a Pink Out dance in the gym for high school students.  Admission is $5.00 at the door and you can not purchase tickets early.  There will be a D.J. for dancing and games going on as well, for a chance to win gift cards.  Come and participate and help raise money for all the people fighting cancer.


What is Breast Cancer?

Breast Cancer is one of the most common cancers, both men and women can get it.  Breast Cancer starts when the cells in the breast start to grow rapidly, and usually form a tumor that can only be seen in X-Rays or felt as a lump.  Not all lumps in the breast are known to be cancer, there are also benign lumps that do not contain cancer.  Some benign lumps can turn into cancer, so any abnormal lump or change should be examined by a doctor as soon as possible.  If Cancer spreads to the lymph nodes it can travel throughout the body.  There are a couple different options in trying to cure cancer, but not everything works every time.  Some women go with a Mastectomy, it is a surgical procedure to remove one or both of the breasts.  There is also Chemotherapy, a chemical way of fighting the cancer cells.  Radiation Therapy is also another way to fight cancer. It is used to control or kill malignant cells.  


Go to the following website to learn more and donate to this cause.  https://www.cancer.org