Senior Superlative: Most Likely To Succeed


After finding out he won the superlative for “Most Likely to Succeed,” Billy Braid was extremely thankful.  “I felt sort of honored,” said Braid.  Though he did not expect to win, he did think some people would vote for him, and was glad his classmates recognized him as a successful person.  Billy has a strong work ethic and is very competitive in sports and schools work.  He believes that these traits, on top of his “self-discipline, perseverance, and relentlessness” help him succeed in the future.  Billy has many inspirations that keep him working towards his goals, some of those being his family, friends, and God.  He is also always up for a challenge and full of ambition.  When he has some free time between varsity football, basketball, and track practice, along with school work, Billy has some hobbies to keep him busy.  Exercising, playing video games, reading, and spending time with friends and family gives him something to do in his free time and keeps him entertained.  After high school Billy plans to “attend a 4-year university to study biology,” and hopes to be a sports medicine physician.  

Kelsey King was not sure how to feel when she found out she hand won. “I was uncomfortable with attention.” she said. However she was not surprised she received the superlative.  She believes she is known for her good grades and always taking bonus opportunities.  Being as hardworking as she is, Kelsey has been accepted into honors programs, which she believes will help her succeed in college.  As for inspiration, Kelsey strives to be “someone people can look up to.”  Kelsey has many hobbies to pass the time when she is not at school or working.  She has recently gotten into gardening as she has been planting flowers outside her apartment window.  As for college, Kelsey is still deciding between a few different schools, but plans to put her math skills to good use by majoring in finance and getting her masters.  

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