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DJ McInturff
Hi!  My name is DJ, I'm a senior at HHS, and a co-editor of the Tiger Tattler.  I love being a parted of this talented publications staff, and I'm so glad that you're actually taking the time to read this, whereas most people don't even scroll past the headlines...

When I'm not conducting interviews or editing articles, I can typically be found at a vast array of Herrin High clubs, activities, and events, because I literally bleed orange and black!  During the few hours of the week when I'm not repping my tiger pride, I like to read, watch movies, spend time with my friends, and participate in community theater.

I dream of one day traveling the world, using my writing to make a difference, and possibly even getting a calculus problem correct on the first attempt-- but that's highly unlikely.

Thanks for your supporting student journalists, and go tigers!

DJ McInturff, Editor, Writer

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