Senior Superlative: Best Dressed


Gunter Gosha owes his good fashion and style to his sister, who has always inspired him and helped him look the best.  With her help, he eventually started to switch out of his regular everyday clothes and into more trendy and fashionable outfits. Gunter likes to try different styles and enjoys trying new trends and outfits. Gosha feels more confident and comfortable when he is going to an event where he can dress up. His favorite style is formal and classic, and he has hopes that this will come back in trend. When he wants to look his best or has an event to attend, he will wear something fancy and stylish, but if he’s outdoors he likes to wear some pants and boots. Gosha’s style is all over the place but he still pulls it off and keeps his outfits fresh and unique.


   Aimee gets most of her inspiration from social influencers and musicians. Brust believes everyone has good style, but she understands that it can be nerve wracking to show it off.  Luckily, Aimee has gained confidence in herself and makes sure to show off her unique style. She feels confident in big cities and believes that she belongs there as these places let her show off more of her style.  Even though she would like to be in a city, Aimee still feels comfortable showing off her clothes here at school and to other peers in Illinois. Aimee loves a good pair of shoes and some of her favorite pieces to wear are mom jeans and crew neck sweaters. Aimee’s description of her style is “like street wear,” but she also feels like it’s still girly.   Aimee believes that her style has a unique flare and is different from anyone else’s. 

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