Senior: Sierra Gill


Sierra Gill is a senior in the class of 2020. While at Herrin High, she participated in the French Club, cross country, and track. She has also maintained honors throughout high school.


Gill plans to attend John A. Logan for a degree in Medical Assisting.


Gill’s favorite aspects of high school have been watching her fellow students grow with her, having teachers who she sees as her second parents, waking up every day knowing that she will get to learn and see her favorite faces.


During quarantine, Gill has been using her time to help her mom out around the house, going to work, and doing her online schoolwork. 


Gill will miss seeing Mr. Mason, Mr. Lewis, Mrs. Bonifield, Mrs. Nagrodski, Mrs. Loyd, Mrs. Stanley, and Mr. Mallow during the quarantine. 


Gill will also miss Mr. Lewis being loud in class and ready to catch Brandon Anthony with gum during 1st hour. She will miss seeing all of her favorite teachers in the hallway, including Mr. Mallow showing off his trophies. She will especially miss greeting Mr. Mason every morning as he tells other students to get to class. 


Gill is saddened to know that she will be missing out on important milestones that she’s worked very hard to get to, such as prom and graduation. Her heart goes out to the class of 2020.


**Disclaimer: All information is provided by the showcased individual.

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