SENIOR: Jonathan Stanley


jonathon Stanley

Jonathon Stanley is a graduating senior at Herrin High School. During his years at HHS, he enjoyed being a part of the archery team.

Jonathon overcame many obstacles during his education, but persevered and made his way through senior year. 

Jonathon wants to attend John A. Logan after he graduates.

Stanley’s favorite parts of high school were having people accept him for who he is, accepting others for who they are, meeting new friends, and doing new things.

Jonathon’s parent says that he has really been taking this hard not being able to see what few friends he has because he is a very social person. He/She says that you might not know it at first but once you get to know him he never shuts up. Jonathon and Noah Sanders are class clowns, two peas in a pod. He misses all of his friends and acquaintances from school.

Stanley also misses most of his teachers too. During this time Stanley will miss his classes, archery meets, and especially Prom.

Jonathon’s parent says that Jonathon has had it really rough most of his life and has really struggled to just fit in. They are so very proud of him just for making it this far. He has a very long way to go in life but everyone has faith that he can do it. He just has to try! His parent is happy as long as he tries to succeed.

Stanley can do anything in which he sets his mind.


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