‘1917’ Movie Review

Not Just Any Other War Movie.


The ‘1917’ movie poster debuted earlier this year.

1917 is the newest movie by director Sam Mendes that follows two soldiers during World War I as they set out to deliver a message that could save 1600 other men. Though it may sound like just another war movie, this film uses unique filming techniques and a moving score to set itself apart from the others.
This film is shot to look like it was just one take, which may not sound like a huge deal, but with this technique, each shot goes together seamlessly with no cuts to be seen. The longest single shot was around eight and a half minutes. Though some may see this as gimmicky, or a way to show off editing skills, I think this is what made the movie so immersive. The entire time I felt like I was right there in the trenches or running from the enemy. This movie, though it does showcase the violence and tragedy of war, it also shows some of the smaller, more vulnerable moments. The best parts of the film were not the loud showy scenes, but the tender moments that made the movie feel personal. George MacKay, the lead role, was wonderful in this movie and I loved how he portrayed the character, Lance Corporal Schofield. Dean-Charles Chapman, who played the soldier opposite Mackay, also made the movie great with his acting as Lance Corporal Blake. Both of these actors showed so much emotion and brought these characters to life.
One of the aspects that really made the movie for me was the score. The music in this movie was so emotional and perfectly fit the feeling of each scene. One of my personal favorites is the last song on the track titled “Come Back To Us’ ‘. This song is so emotional and almost brought tears to my eyes as the movie faded out. Another song that really made the film is the opening, “1917”, also a moving song.
This movie is now one of my favorites I have ever seen, not only because of the stunning visuals, beautiful camera work, and emotion filled score, but also because of the brilliant story line and talented actors that keeps it from becoming just any other war movie. If anyone has the chance to go, I highly recommend seeing this film, I swear you’ll fall in love.

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