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“Ok, Boomer” is a phrase that has made its way into every nook and cranny of the internet. Teenagers around the country say “Ok, Boomer” to disregard an older person’s hateful comments or unwanted judgement, and is also said jokingly to parents and friends. This phrase, however, has a long and drawn out history.


The Baby Boomers and Millennials have a long-going feud. News articles will go as far to say that the Millennials have “killed” any industry. It is always something different: the napkin industry, restaurants, golf, beer, cereal, and they even go as far as saying they have killed the mayonnaise industry. Not only are Millennials killing everything, the Boomers do not approve of the beliefs rooted within them. Millennials are trying to improve the quality of daily life and personal connection, and this is viewed as laziness. It is true that the Boomer generation had to work hard everyday in order to get the economy back on track; however, now that the economy is in recovery, we can take some time for ourselves. The Millennials spend more time enjoying life rather than just working their life away. Boomers believe that Millennials and Gen Z have the so-called, “Peter Pan Syndrome”, people are believing the aspects of our childhood will transfer into adulthood. The Boomers and Millennials continue to bump heads over how life should be lived. This growing disagreement has completely driven them apart. 


When Gen Z and Millennials finally backfired with the phrase “Ok, Boomer” after enduring torment for years, Boomers responded in a way only fitting for them. Just days after the phrase began to pick up steam, a news article was released stating that it is a “generational slur,” as if Boomers do not hiss the word “Millennial” as a curse word. Despite backfire, Gen Z remains relentless. Different artists have released music and merch sporting “Ok Boomer.”

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