Fashion 411

Over the Past 50 Years, Fast Fashion Has Swept Through the Industry, Capturing the Hearts of Shoppers.


Photography, clothing.

Department stores around the world are filled with racks upon racks of fast fashion.

In today’s fashion, clothing from department stores is more well-known than high-end fashion. It is not everyday that you see someone walking down the street in their new Balenciagas or sporting the newest coat from the Gucci Fall Line. Practical people buy their clothes for cheaper prices at the cost of clothing longevity. Fast fashion has become the mainstream way to shop and it makes it easy for companies to supply these clothes. 


Target is filled with many different fast fashion companies such as Wild Fable, Universal Thread, A New Day, Knox Rose, and many more. These companies make their clothing to fit the ever-changing trends. Over the summer, a wave of the 90s swept across the internet, filling our feeds with crop tops, scrunchies, and lipgloss. When the masses speak, companies will answer. They answered the trend with multiple different styles of tops, perfect for anyone who wants to hop on, along with several unique fabrics to add texture and depth to their line.


While fast fashion companies make our favorite trends easily accessible and attainable for the common person, they do have negative effects. The clothes produced by fast fashion companies often are not used by one person for a long period of time. When the customers are bored of their look, they toss piles of clothes into the trash. We often overlook the opportunity to donate clothes or resell them. If we all began donating and recycling our clothing rather than just tossing them aside, not only would our environmental state approve, but the prices have potential to drop. Before you throw out that old graphic tee from Hot Topic, think about running it by Goodwill or another local thrift store. 


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