Beautiful and Bright

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Beautiful and Bright

Article, Faith Borum, writer

Brightening serums and elixirs are so popular right now. Everyone wants to have a bright beautiful face! This week I’m going to be covering a brightening elixir by Physicians Formula from their Organic Wear line.  


When it comes to organic beauty products, it can be hard to find one that you not only trust but one that works, doesn’t break the bank, and feels light and airy. The Physicians Formula Brightness Booster Oil Elixir from their Organic Wear line can be found at Target or Ulta and is only $15.  Physicians Formula is not only a brand that I can trust but I’ve also found it to be pretty great over all. This product has a pretty reasonable price and a decent sized bottle. No one wants to pay a ridiculous amount for a small amount of a product that doesn’t show great results. “I would be willing to pay $40.00 on something really good, if it’s not too small” (anonymous student).


Not only is this product more than a decent price, I started using it a little over a week ago and have seen a huge difference.  I used the product as directed in the morning and at night before bed. This oil is light and airy, it is wonderfully applied with a little foundation in the morning to give you a little bit of a dewy look if you enjoy that. Oils I have tried in the past made my face look oily and felt heavy.  Not this one!


In a little over a week, my face looks brighter, feels smoother, and it’s helped clear my face actually!  After reading multiple reviews on the product I am not the only one to see these results. lots of oils can worsen your acne actually.  The fact that this is an organic oil I’m sure plays a huge part in why people are seeing the results they are. When in doubt, always take the all natural route.  


The only negative reviews I saw were from people with more oily skin or they were directed toward the packaging. If your skin is combination or dry skin it will probably give you the best results.


As surprising as it may be this oil has also made my eyelashes and eyebrows look so much healthier.  My eyelashes look fuller and longer and that is a great plus for this product.


My only complaint about this product is the packaging, I would like to see something a little more environmentally conscious.  I feel like there was so much extra plastic put into creating the package a simple glass bottle would be much better.


Overall I would give the Physicians Formula Brightness Booster a 9 out of 10!  I would totally recommend this product to a friend! I saw the results I was looking for and it didn’t break the bank!

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